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Now you too can make your own visiting card, that too Google Virtual Visiting Card in just 2 minutes. Now your name will also come on Google from this new feature of Google.

Let’s know this new feature of Google, so that your name will also be seen on Google with the help of Virtual Visiting Card.

What is Google Virtual Visiting Card

Google has launched its new feature for everyone. For example, if we are in a company or in a student’s school, then we are provided with an id card by which we are identified. Our personal details are written in this id card, so that the public in front of us knows who we are and where we work. The same feature is provided by Google in this virtual visiting card, where we fill all our details as well as putting your own photos so that people sitting online can see your card anytime on Google.

How to create a Google virtual visiting card

It is very easy to make it, just go to the direct Google search in your mobile and you have to type it, add me to search where your window will open and you will have to enter your mail id from which you want to create your card. Let us understand you by easy step by step.

  • Open Google search in your phone then type add me to search
  • Choose your gmail id
  • Fill your details
  • Choose your photo

When you are entering your details, then you will see stars in some blocks, that means it is necessary to enter those details. It is up to you to put all the details, whether you enter or not. If you run a website, then you can also enter it, as well as you can add a link to your social media handle.

Now your Google virtual visiting card has been ready. Know ahead how we will show your card to others or how we can see it ourselves.

How to see your Google visiting card?

Viewing Google visiting cards is as easy as creating. So let’s know how we can see. First of all, we will go to Google search of our phone and we have to open search to add me again. As soon as we open, our visiting card will be shown there. It is not easy, so all of you must try this feature of Google once.


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