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I started blogging because of a hobby. When I did not even know how to write blogs well, what is the role of SEO in blogging and much more. Then after studying something about it, I chose my niche and today I write top blogs on travel, food and lifestyle. Sometimes I will write a full blog about it, in which I will give you complete information about how I started blogging, how to choose my niche, and more. Let us now come to the topic of How to start a lifestyle blog in 2020?

There are some easy points to follow to start a lifestyle blog.

  1. Choose Your Topic
  2. Choose Your Platform
  3. Get URL and Domain
  4. Get Hosting
  5. Install WordPress

What is Lifestyle Blog ?

A lifestyle blog is simply a blog where you write about things going on in your life! If you have good knowledge of something (like fashion, technology and more), then you can share it even to people. By mixing a lot of content, you can reach your articles to people. This is why I recommend lifestyle blogs. Also read this HOW TO START BLOGGING AND EARN MONEY IN 2020.

This is some step by step tutorial which tells you how you can start your own blog.

Why Start Lifestyle Blog ?

Why do we want to write blogs, everyone has many reasons but the main reason is money! Yes money, which you can earn from blogging. Blogging is my passion but the first obvious reason is money. The best part is for all those who want to do something at home. Not only this, if you are working, you can also do blogging together.

It would have been nice to hear but tell you that blogging is not so easy that started today, money started coming in from tomorrow. If you have patience in this, then you can start blogging. Can’t get rich immediately but this is the best business to work from home.

So are you ready to start blogging?

1. Choose Your Topic

What is your interest type?

This is the most important part of blogging where we have to see our interest and choose the topic. Like my interest is travel, I like to write a blog on travel. People reach their travel history and details so that more people can visit there and they do not have to face any problem. In the same way, you have to take a topic in which you have interest and think carefully, take a topic so that you can write a lot of content on it. Some people start writing content after watching, but then they do not have content. Your skill type is strong, you will also enjoy writing that content and you will also have content.

2. Choose Your Platform

Choose the topic and now write it on whom? Will we have to develop a website for that, coding or will we have technical knowledge only then we will be able to blogging. All these things will definitely go on in our mind. But it is not so, we do not need to do all this, Yes! You heard right.

WordPress which is such a platform where you get a website that is made, you just have to follow some steps there, which is very easy. On top of this, I have created a blog in detail that how you can complete the setup in WordPress, that too easily click here. By clicking on the link, you can see that blog. In short, WordPress is a very good platform for lifestyle blogging or any blogging, in this you have to choose a theme related to your topic and you can customize it yourself.

3. Get URL and Domain

Okay, so we have followed 2 steps where we have chosen the topic and setup the WordPress blog. Now, get the domain name which is the address of your website like WWW.WEBSITENAME.COM.

Tips on choosing a domain name:

  • The shorter the domain name, the better. The smaller the logo, the easier it will be to remember. So choose a shorter domain name.
  • Remember domain name must be related to your blog. For example, if you are doing lifestyle blogging, then get a domain name related to it so that people can easily know that your blog is related to the story.

4. Get Hosting

Now it’s your turn to take hosting. What is hosting in short?

Run your blog on Google, if someone searches it, then it appears on Google hosting all this work. There are many hosting providers who provide hosting to you, just you have to take their plans. Some hosting providers are WordPress, BlueHost, HostGator and more. I have also explained this in detail that which accommodation is best, which is good, then you can see it by clicking on this link.

5. Install WordPress

This is the last step, then your lifestyle blog will go live. So the last step is to install WordPress. Installing WordPress is very easy and all you have to do is install WordPress with Domain Name and Hosting, which you can directly do from here. There you will have to enter username and password (which will ask you when you install) so that you will go directly to your WordPress dashboard.

So these were some easy steps to start lifestyle blogs. Now you can just publish your first blog. Keep patience and keep writing the article, you will definitely get success.

Good Luck !


Hello, My name is Abhishek Mishra, an aspiring blogger, here i like to share my travelling experience, food reviews, lifestyle with my online readers on this website.


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