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It has been a few days for Lockdown and this blog is for anyone who has a car, bike or any other vehicle. The transport need regular care like the structure, it is nice to annually tune up its care, from top to toe tune ups.

when you’re on your own, vehicle maintenance becomes your responsibility. Yes, it can be expensive and time consuming, but the investment you make today will save you money down the road.

As we are seeing that the whole world is fighting an epidemic like Corona. But we have to see his lifestyle too. So today I have brought some such tips for your vehicle so that the problem will not come in your vehicle for how many days. While following this tips, you must use Mask, Gloves and Sanitizer.

So here are 5 tips to maintain your vehicle in this lockdown period
or in your regular life.

1st step :

The first step is to start the vehicle for at least 30 minutes.
This makes the battery life of the vehicle correct. There are a lot of systems in the vehicle that consume the battery so much that there is a lot of chance of battery dead in a hard car for many days and the oil in the oil tank freezes down to start. The foot also heals. Actually oil also has a life of a few months, then it has to be changed.

2nd step :

The next step is to park the car in the right place.The car should never park in a place where the rats come or else they cause a lot of damage from inside, as they cut the wire inside and as far as the car is concerned, the wire system of the car comes to the minimum of 30 Thousand to 50 Thousand. Always park your vehicle in shade so that its paint does not have any effect, otherwise it may spoil its color.

3rd step :

The next step is to take care of tyres. Get the pressure checked in the tyre, which also keeps the life of the tyre. Turn your vehicle slightly back and forth because the hard vehicles have a spot pressure due to the pressure on the tyre for a long time, causing the tyre to deteriorate.
If you have a car, then you must have been using handbrakes, and perhaps you will know that by applying handbrakes in a parked car for a long time, they tyre. That is why put the car in gear instead of handbrake.
This has happened to me and due to this, we had to face a lot of trouble,
though we can fix it ourselves, the car has to rotate the tyre by applying a step on the stepney.

4th step :

The next step is to add oil to the parts of the vehicle, whatever happens to the vehicle, some parts of the standing vehicle stop working because it gets junk, which can cause a lot of damage, before any parts are damaged, add oil to it. May his life be increased.

5th step :

For those who have a car, the ac of the car is very important, especially in the summer, so to keep the life of your ac correct, once a week when starting the car, leave it on ac so that its life will remain and while doing ac on Opening all the windows of the vehicle, it will remove the gas produced in the car and will also freshen up the car. Similarly, pay attention to the wiper and turn the wiper on so that its motor should work.

So these were some important tips to follow for your vehicle. And if you too like to travel, like street food, and have interest in my lifestyle blogs then keep visiting me. 

Thank You. 


Hello, My name is Abhishek Mishra, an aspiring blogger, here i like to share my travelling experience, food reviews, lifestyle with my online readers on this website.


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